Balloon Fishing Challenge

BlacktipH has always been known in the fishing video industry to be a very creative fisher and producer. This video of him fishing offshore not just with bait but with balloons, yes, actual colorful balloons as tackle. You may wonder, but how does that even work! In this video, BlacktipH, along with a fishing pal, has managed to do that and caught a few bonitos (false albacores), and two goliath groupers that put up quite the fight with the two fishers.

What we love about this video is that there’s never a dull moment. Most people think of fishing as a boring hobby because some would spend up to a few hours waiting for something to pull the line, and they don’t want to see that dreaded waiting game in videos. This generation has a shorter attention span, after all. In addition to this, BlacktipH also managed to edit the video to make it even more fun and exciting. With helpful tips that run across the screen in well-thought of timestamps, he lets his fishing-loving audience join in by documenting the trip as honest and as exciting as possible. In addition to this, he also uses his editing skills and adds a bit of music to make the video really come together, well-produced and almost cinematic.

A big hats off to BlacktipH for sharing fishing tips and experiences in a medium that’s accessible to all. The fishing industry needs more people like you to spread the love for the hobby.

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