EASY Way to Catch Saltwater Fish!!

Producing hunting and fishing videos for the internet is not just about documenting your fishing experiences and tossing in a few brags about your latest catch. It’s also about producing the video in a manner that would be interesting to the general public, with as much creative and above average editing skills as much as possible. 618Fishing is a channel on Youtube that honors that in his videos.

In this video, 618Fishing takes us to a beach in Florida to watch him catch small fish that are no less as interesting as the bigger ones that most anglers and fishers really like to rub in their audience’s faces. Experimenting on baits and lures, he’s managed to catch some new species of fish, like the triple tail.

The air in this video is very relaxed and soothing. Paired with awesome editing skills which are generally considered to be the one of the makings of a good Youtube video, this one right here will definitely rake in more and more subscribers if he keeps up with this approach to video producing. And let’s talk about the awesome background tracks he includes in each and every single one of his videos.

Because we love his style of making videos not just for the regular fishers and anglers but to the beginners who are still trying their hand at fishing as a hobby and a sport, we can’t help but give this guy a feature. Our message to him: just keep making these videos!

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