GIANT SHARKS & LOST RODS — Day in the Life as a Saltwater Fisherman (ft. BlacktipH)

In this particular video, 1Rod1ReelFishing along with fishing pal, BlacktipH, takes us into the open waters to see if they can catch some interesting ocean monsters. He starts off by detailing what they’re going to need for the ocean fishing trip in a very easy to follow montage, which is great for beginners who are still trying their hand at fishing. They then proceed into the ocean and, without further delay, catch enough fish that will serve as live bait for the bigger monsters.

Less than four minutes in the video and we see one of his fishing pals reeling in a massive kingfish they claim to be about 25-30 lbs. Short moments later and they caught another one, although a bit smaller. Then, a couple of minutes in and they started reeling in the bad guys–a barracuda and even a hammerhead shark! However, because they weren’t really expecting these monster fishes, they decided to just let them go and cut the line.

What we love about 1Rod1ReelFishing is that he always tries to make interesting fishing videos that don’t just cater to fishing enthusiasts but to the general YouTube watching population. He’s been churning out some high quality content and takes fishing to a whole new level with epic challenges and companions. He also has a good eye for editing in some of these videos, only featuring the best bits of the fishing trip.

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