Balloon Fishing Challenge

BlacktipH has always been known in the fishing video industry to be a very creative fisher and producer. This video of him fishing offshore not just with bait but with balloons, yes, actual colorful balloons as tackle. You may wonder, but how does that even work! In this video, BlacktipH, along with a fishing pal, has managed to do that and caught a few bonitos (false albacores), and two goliat

GIANT SHARKS & LOST RODS — Day in the Life as a Saltwater Fisherman (ft. BlacktipH)

In this particular video, 1Rod1ReelFishing along with fishing pal, BlacktipH, takes us into the open waters to see if they can catch some interesting ocean monsters. He starts off by detailing what they’re going to need for the ocean fishing trip in a very easy to follow montage, which is great for beginners who are still trying their hand at fishing. They then proceed into the ocean and, wit